Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Blue Ribbon

I went to the fair grounds to pick up my ribbon. They handed me my stuff and I started to walk away. Then I noticed a note attached to the ribbon, which said "Interested in any of the entries?", then had a line for my name and description of my item, then a line for this person's name and phone number. I ask one of the workers what this meant, as this was my first fair entry, and I didn't know what it was for. She said someone was interested in my afghan and that this person wanted me to contact her, probably to ask about the pattern or stitch I used.

I called the lady and she said that I did a wonderful job on my afghan and wanted to know if it was for sale! I was stunned! I said yes, she bought it!

The afghan was going to be donated to charity, but I thought with the money I could buy more yarn and make another one or two for charity.


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