Wednesday, January 02, 2008

CAL 2008 New Surprise Stitch Pattern A Week

I joined another CAL over at Crochetville.

Here is the stitch pattern for this week.

{this is not a new stitch pattern for me}



At 1/3/08, 5:57 AM, Blogger Lesalicious said...

Loving the stitch loving how it looks with that green. I was hoping everyone would like the CAL New Surprise Stitch a week. Thought it would get those that want to try something new or those that just want to give the surprise stitch a try. Think this CAL going to be great ever week. Great job. So you have plans with this stitch?

At 12/30/08, 11:11 PM, Blogger Christine K. said...

I am searching for a favorite shawl pattern from a booklet of patterns by Jessica Abularach.

The shawl is made in filet crochet and has a huge buterfly acroos it. The pattern's name is "Judyann's Butterfly Shawl."

I lost my booklet with tht pattern, as well as the larger copy I'd made to make it easier to read. :(

I don't remember which volume it was published in. You can see a picture of it at:

Can you help me?


Christine K.


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